Stock Photography: Make Some Extra Money  


I worked at a camera shop for three years. I have thousands of pictures on my computer. Most of these pictures I'm never going to use again. If you have a digital camera and a lot of images, you can make some extra money online selling Stock Photos. Stock Photos are a cheap way for companies and individuals to get pictures for all sorts of things. The nice thing about selling stock photography online is that it really is a set it and forget it income revenue.

There are a bunch of Online Stock Photography sites on the Internet. You can try whichever ones you like. I suggest istockphoto and Shutterstock. Both of these sites always pay you. And they have both been around for a long time. All you have to do is make an account at the site of your choice. Then upload whatever pictures you want to sell to the site. The great thing is that you still retain some of the copyright to the pictures you sell. When someone likes your image they will buy it then your account gets the commission added to it. Once the pictures are up your done. Selling Stock Photography Online is an easy way to make yourself some extra money. All you have to do is upload the photos and then forget it. The money gets transferred to your account.

Make sure you read the site rules and don't upload the same photos to multiple stock photo websites. You can only use photos that you own the copyright to. As in you took the picture. Companies always need Stock photography, if your pictures are good they will sell. Good Luck!


Sell Your Text Books  


I have a love hate relationship with text books. They are a great learning tool, that is if the teacher uses them. But as students, we all have to buy Textbooks. But what do you do when the class is over and you don't need the textbook any more. Some of you might sell that textbook to the campus bookstore. Well, If you do that you are missing out on a lot of money. Textbooks are worth far more than any campus bookstore is willing to pay for them. The best thing you can do is sell the Textbooks yourself.

If you go through a middleman to sell your textbook your losing out on some money. Sell the books yourself. Starting your own business is hard but, you go to college. Every student at your college is forced to buy text books. So you already have a market. The easiest thing to do is make quick document of all the textbooks you have and what you want to charge for them, don't forget to put your cell number up too. Then make photocopies post it all over the school. You can get the photocopies for free if you make friends with the student aids. Put your list up in every building; bathrooms, bulletin boards, parking, and where ever else you can. You should start getting calls very quickly. After about a week you will have some money in your pocket and next semester brand new textbooks to sell. I have a friend who buys his textbooks online and then sells them for a profit. Figure out what works and you will have some extra money in no time.

Also, if you don't want to deal with selling the textbooks directly to people you can sell them online. All sort of websites will buy your books. You can also ebay the books on Half.com. The website I really like is eCampus.com, it makes life very easy. All you have to do is tell eCampus what books you have and they will give you a quote. Then they send you shipping labels, which means they pay for you to ship the books to them. Once they receive the books you get your check, very easy.

Use whichever method works best for you. Textbooks can net you some extra money for whatever you want or beer. Don't be lazy and sell you textbooks to the campus bookstore. Be smart and make your self some extra money.


Throw A House Party: Make Some Money  


You and your friends have the house all to yourself. So of course that means you need to throw a party. But wait, don't just start telling everyone to come over, you need to plan it. And while your at it why not make a buck or two. Throwing a party is a very easy way to make some money. All you need is a location. First thing is first your going to need some alcohol. But don't go out to the store just yet, figure out what you want. My suggestion is to make some hunch punch and buy cheap cheap beer. Hunch punch, bug juice, or blackout koolaid is a great way to make liquor go a long way. And the girls that come to your party will have something to drink besides beer, you are inviting girls, right. Get together with some of your best buds and get the house ready.

The Drinks
Your going to want to buy cheap beer or a keg. If you don't want to deal with a keg buy in bulk and go to a big liquor store, its cheaper. But remember, a keg can save you a lot of money. Next comes liquor. This can be really expensive, so make sure you buy the stuff in the plastic jugs. Anything clear will do, We are going to make hunch punch with it. Just make sure you get enough of everything so you don't run out. You can save the rest for the next party.

Hunch Punch
There are a ton of different hunch punch recipes out there and everyone has there favorite. Basically its just a lot of liquor, water, and sugar. If you google it you can find all sorts of recipes. I do happen to have my own though, Swamp Water.

What you will need:
Something to keep punch in
Clear Liquor(aka: vodka)
Dry Ice

All you need to do is take all the liquor and poor it into the container. Next add the koolaid packets and a little water. Here come the best part, cut up the fruit and add it to the mixture. Let all this sit for about 24 hours. Make sure you stir it a few times. When your ready to serve it put the dry ice in the punch and you have yourself swamp water. (Be careful handling the Dry Ice, its cold)

The Setup
When it comes to inviting people you should already know how to use Myspace and Facebook, so do that. If you know a DJ invite him or have a good itunes playlist ready. Make sure it's music people can dance to. You need to remember to let people know that there will be a cover charge. You should charge about 5 dollars, more if your inviting a lot of rich kids. Next thing you need to do is make sure that everything that can break, or be used as a weapon is out of the way where no one can get it. Lock all the bedrooms and mark the bathroom doors. You don't want people peeing in your closet. Put the liquor and beer in the kitchen, drunk people tend to spill things, if you can have one of your friends be a bartender do it. That way there is less spillage and no one can steal the beer. And put out a lot of trash cans. Let all your neighbors know that you will be having a party, and give them your cell phone number. That way they will call you, and not the cops, if it gets too loud. Alright, everything should be set for the party.

The Party
It's party time. One of your friends is going to need to watch the door and take money. In my opinion you should let girls in free, because no one wants to go to a party full of dudes. The music should be playing. And hopefully you have a friend bar tending and making everyone happy. Just keep an eye on everything and make sure everyone is having fun. Did I mention that if you have a big intimidating friend you should invite him, tell him he can get in free provided that he helps you with anyone who decides to become an asshole. If anyone does get out of hand pull them aside and tell them that if they don't calm down they will have to leave. Make sure that people don't stand out front, that attracts attention. If you have a garage make that the place for smokers and beer pong. When it's time for everyone to go, don't let anyone drive home drunk, It's just bad form. But the most important thing to remember is to have fun. It is a party and that is the point. Everything should be smooth sailing after that. And you should have a few extra dollars in your pocket at the end of the night.


Part Time Job: Dress For Success  



Alright, you’re a college student. I know that your mom and your high school guidance consular told you the same thing, but it’s true. Dress For Success. After all, you want some money and you need a part time job. I know everyone has their own style, and people like to dress a certain way. But the middle aged manager at whatever local business you apply at is not going to give two shits about your fly ass hoodie. The first thing you are going to be judged on is the way you look. So look like a smart and organized person. If you really want a job you are going to have to dress for it. That means no jeans, no t-shirt, no flip flops, and pull up your pants. I know what it's like, I hate dress clothes too, but you need a job.

You should be dressed business casual, which does not mean a suit. But it also does not mean you can just throw on any dress shirt and go to the interview. Business casual means a button down shirt, some slacks, nice shoes, and a belt. No need to wear a full suit, you’re a college kid not a CEO. Make sure you tuck in your shirt and pull up your pants.

You are going to want to buy yourself some slacks, black, grey, or kaki will do. Is kaki even a color? Anyway, next you want some shoes. No you can't wear your sneakers. Buy some black dress shoes. Black is great, not only can you wear them to work, but also funerals and weddings. Now the shirt, really anything with buttons will do. I would say blue, black, or white are your best bets. Then buy yourself a black belt. And bam, you’re ready for an interview.

Just remember to wear you shirt tucked in and your pants pulled up. Stand up straight, speak clearly, and look people in the eye. Make sure that you are dressed well when you pick up an application too. You never know if the manager might remember that you were the kid with the shirt that said, "I love Boobs" who came in and got an application. People are always watching and judging you. That's how the world works, people will trust you if you are dressed well. So make sure you Dress For Success. Also, showing up to your interview sober helps too.




We are not all born with silver spoons in our mouths, some of us have to work for a living. That's why we go to college, so we can learn and get a job. We all know at least one person who goes to college and does not pay for a thing, Great for them. But the rest of us need ways to make money while attending college. And I'm not just talking about part time jobs. There are a ton of extra ways to make yourself some extra money at school. Some of which you can use after you graduate. You are in college so your time is pushed to the limit, and so is your brain and possible your liver. Just don't forget to study, and always remember, have fun.

First you should know something, this is the Internet. Don't believe everything you read, or see, or hear. Question everything and everyone. People are always trying to make a buck. You should always remember that wherever you go. Also, you can't get something for nothing, whatever you do in life you have to work at it to be good at it. If you don't try, you won't get anywhere, not in life and not in college. Some of the things I show you will be more advanced than others. But I will do my best to explain everything as simply as possible. I'm not going to show you any get rich quick schemes or ways to make a million dollars. But I will show you some ways in your everyday life that can net you some extra money and help you succeed in life.