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I have a love hate relationship with text books. They are a great learning tool, that is if the teacher uses them. But as students, we all have to buy Textbooks. But what do you do when the class is over and you don't need the textbook any more. Some of you might sell that textbook to the campus bookstore. Well, If you do that you are missing out on a lot of money. Textbooks are worth far more than any campus bookstore is willing to pay for them. The best thing you can do is sell the Textbooks yourself.

If you go through a middleman to sell your textbook your losing out on some money. Sell the books yourself. Starting your own business is hard but, you go to college. Every student at your college is forced to buy text books. So you already have a market. The easiest thing to do is make quick document of all the textbooks you have and what you want to charge for them, don't forget to put your cell number up too. Then make photocopies post it all over the school. You can get the photocopies for free if you make friends with the student aids. Put your list up in every building; bathrooms, bulletin boards, parking, and where ever else you can. You should start getting calls very quickly. After about a week you will have some money in your pocket and next semester brand new textbooks to sell. I have a friend who buys his textbooks online and then sells them for a profit. Figure out what works and you will have some extra money in no time.

Also, if you don't want to deal with selling the textbooks directly to people you can sell them online. All sort of websites will buy your books. You can also ebay the books on Half.com. The website I really like is eCampus.com, it makes life very easy. All you have to do is tell eCampus what books you have and they will give you a quote. Then they send you shipping labels, which means they pay for you to ship the books to them. Once they receive the books you get your check, very easy.

Use whichever method works best for you. Textbooks can net you some extra money for whatever you want or beer. Don't be lazy and sell you textbooks to the campus bookstore. Be smart and make your self some extra money.

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2 comments: to “ Sell Your Text Books

  • 30.3.09  

    After teaching a local Jr. College for several years, I made some noise about the outrageous cost for college textbooks. I was required to use 3 textbooks and they totaled more than $200 for one 4 hour course.

    Selling textbooks back is a good way to recoup some of the cost but even then titles change editions and become worthless.

  • 3.4.09  

    If you sell and ship textbooks avoid Media Mail. It can take 2 weeks in state and 4 weeks out of state and you get a very angry buyer.