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Alright, you’re a college student. I know that your mom and your high school guidance consular told you the same thing, but it’s true. Dress For Success. After all, you want some money and you need a part time job. I know everyone has their own style, and people like to dress a certain way. But the middle aged manager at whatever local business you apply at is not going to give two shits about your fly ass hoodie. The first thing you are going to be judged on is the way you look. So look like a smart and organized person. If you really want a job you are going to have to dress for it. That means no jeans, no t-shirt, no flip flops, and pull up your pants. I know what it's like, I hate dress clothes too, but you need a job.

You should be dressed business casual, which does not mean a suit. But it also does not mean you can just throw on any dress shirt and go to the interview. Business casual means a button down shirt, some slacks, nice shoes, and a belt. No need to wear a full suit, you’re a college kid not a CEO. Make sure you tuck in your shirt and pull up your pants.

You are going to want to buy yourself some slacks, black, grey, or kaki will do. Is kaki even a color? Anyway, next you want some shoes. No you can't wear your sneakers. Buy some black dress shoes. Black is great, not only can you wear them to work, but also funerals and weddings. Now the shirt, really anything with buttons will do. I would say blue, black, or white are your best bets. Then buy yourself a black belt. And bam, you’re ready for an interview.

Just remember to wear you shirt tucked in and your pants pulled up. Stand up straight, speak clearly, and look people in the eye. Make sure that you are dressed well when you pick up an application too. You never know if the manager might remember that you were the kid with the shirt that said, "I love Boobs" who came in and got an application. People are always watching and judging you. That's how the world works, people will trust you if you are dressed well. So make sure you Dress For Success. Also, showing up to your interview sober helps too.

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  • 30.3.09  

    Perhaps the best advice to college students seeking to improve their dress in hopes of getting a job - use an iron.